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After initial visit to the flooded areas in June 2014 and after direct assesment of people's needs, Cooperative for ethical finance has organized volunteer camp in Gunja - the largest affected village in Croatia. It was assesed that direct help in the cleanup and reconstruction activities would be the most helpful since the lack of the coordinated support and lack of manpower was indicated by locals as the major problem. 40 volunteers were working 5 days in Gunja helping people with all kinds of physical work needed. Cooperative and its partners also managed to collect several tons of food, cleaning tools, building tools, bicycles etc. that were donated to the people needing them the most. One of the important aspects of the volunteer camp was moral and psychological support to the people in flooded areas through the personal contacts and organized events in the evenings with discussions, music and lectures about sustainable development and reconstruction. As a result of the camp, more than 100 families recieved support, volunteers helped to organize field kitchen serving 500 meals a day to residents and establish contacts in the area for efficient distribution of aid in the future.